Corporate plant arrangement gifts
We customize corporate plant gifts with good luck bamboo, prosperity money trees,
varies succulents, healing plant aloe vera, or other items in your ideas.
We welcome you to share your ideas if you do not see exactly what you are looking for.  
Please complete the inquiry form and submit, or email us
at, or give us a call.
Containers: ceramic pots, glass vases
Services: logo, cards, drop ships
Logo on pots / personalization:
            Logo options                    Minimum order      Price break           Lead time
  Sand blasting(glass vase only)            24                    48/72/100/500..        2 weeks+
  Pad printing                                       100                   150/200/300/500..     2 weeks+
Clear vinyl decal                                 50                    100/200/300/500..     1 week+
            Digital printing on solid vinyl              50                    100/200/300/500..    3 business days+
Special note:
-Pots and vases will be baked in the oven after the sand blasting or pad printing jobs.     
-Cost of imprinting on parts is calculated per hit and color or location, tooling fee is per     
-logo and color, additional cost for subsequent image or color + tooling.     
-For logo imprinted on clear vinyl is one color per hit     
-Digital printing on solid vinyl logo is standard vinyl sticker. 
Logo artwork file requirement:
Illustrator EPS Vector File(camera-ready art), sized to the image are, has sharp, crisp lines(not jagged edges),
is color separated(if more than one imprint color is to be used), and does not need touch-up 
If message cards needed to go with plants, here are the options:
mail us the cards or other printings for us to include in the gift boxes
or send us your design and artwork file for us to print  
Drop ship service:
With address lists provided, we ship directly to your clients.
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