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Lucky Bamboo Creative Choices

Can I cut bamboo shoots to start new plants?

Yes, but there is no guarantee that the cuts can grow healthy. Many people have tried to cut off shoots, and all their shoots turned yellow. If you still would like to experiment, then we suggest you clean the cutting tool first and do the cutting in the summer time as the cuts grow fast in the warm weather and do not grow much in winter. As this process is experimental and does not follow special growing conditions, we cannot guarantee sucess in your bamboo cutting.

There are many other choices that will look very nice. You can group them and hide the bottom part in the rocks or stones in a beautiful vase. Or, you can get any length of bamboo sticks and clean cut the bottom to the preferred length, as it will root again in about 2 months in the warm weather.

You can also clean cut the sticks from the top; usually the top 2 or 3 joints will sprout again in 3 months in the summer time. In the winter time, the sprouts, leaves and roots will grow very slowly. A nice vase for these plants may easily be found at your local Flower shop, Department store, Garden store, Craft store or Chinaware store.

We carry all different sizes and styles of the Lucky Bamboo plant. These bamboo sticks can be arranged in different heights and they may be grouped at the bottom with a rubber band, or use natural rocks or stones to hold them up. To get the look you desire, you can easily adjust the height on longer sticks by cutting the sticks to size.

There are a variety of ways to dress up your Lucky Bamboo sticks: we put them in the indoor fountains, or arrange them in a nice vase with fresh cut flowers. For example, we used two lilies for the fragrance and a couple of red flowers (makes bamboo look more green). Pink, purple and yellow colored flowers are also beautiful. A cut branch of Japanese maple will go nicely with our Lucky Bamboo to make a great Ikebana. Some interior designers get long ones to go into a big Chinese vase and then set it in the entrance area to greet visitors, which gives a great "Chi" or "energy" right away to the people who see them. You can do the same for your home entrance, living room, the lobby or the reception area in the office.

You can be creative and make a small cute pot of the Lucky Bamboo plant as a gift for friends or any gift arrangements for Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, graduations, new business, promotions, appreciations, Secretary's Day, congratulations, get wells, cheer ups...any occasion or anyone who needs good luck, or dress it up for wonderful Christmas decorations and gifts!!! Let me stop here--- I could go for another mile, and if you have any questions please give us a call at 1-888-328-8821. Good luck to all our visitors!!! | Gloria

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